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Bdo hotspot fishing

Fishing in Black Desert Online can be a highly lucrative activity if done correctly. To fish in BDO, you only need a fishing rod. You can get your first fishing rod from vendors which sell fishing rods fisher merchants and material vendorsthe central marketplace or as a quest reward. To start fishing you only need to stand near open water or a river, equip your fishing rod, and press space. This starts the fishing timer and when you catch a fish you need to press space again to reel it in.

At this point a mini-game starts, which has two parts. If you auto-fish you skip this step but need to wait for up to 3 extra minutes. Despite the simplicity of basic fishing, there are many more things to consider to maximize your profit.

In this Black Desert Online fishing guide, I will go over every aspect of active fishing and fishing in general. The first thing you need to be familiar with is the different fishing rods. Below is a list with all the rods in Black Desert Online, the required skill levels to use them, and the bonuses you get from each rod. The artisan rods the ones with a national name, e.

Balenos on this list are special as they are repairable and can be enhanced using black stones. It will cost you a decent amount of silver, but at the same time will seriously reduce the time needed to get max enhancement. This rod is the very best rod you can get when you are starting your fishing career. Secondly, you can enhance it with black stones. Each level of enhancement increases the total durability by 10 points.

Black Desert Fishing Guide 2020

This way you get a reusable rod with a durability of 80, which should be enough for a beginner. After you reach fishing skill artisan 1 you should consider switching to the Mediah rod. The Mediah fishing rod is the best rod you can have for active fishing with a few specific exceptions. While you do not get extra durability point when you enhance the rod, you do get a bonus to your chance of getting rare fish yellow grade.

This bonus is additive and due to how the fishing loot tables work is really a big bonus. The Balenos rod is best used for auto-fishing afk-fishing as it has a good reduction to the auto-fishing timer. In my opinion, this rod is the only one that is practically useless. So, unless you are working on a quest where you need a certain number of blue grade fish to complete, the Mediah rod will always be better when it comes to profit.

The triple float fishing rod is not an artisan rod but it has the ability to catch up to three fishes in one haul, making it special. A recent test showed that using this rod was not worth it for general fishing.

bdo hotspot fishing

However, if used exclusively on yellow grade fish hotspots see below or Coelacanth spawns then it resulted in a greater net profit. So if you are all for going after yellow fish hotspots in the sea, then this is the rod for you. There are two types of floats that you can equip on your offhand while fishing. The ash float increases your chance of getting bigger fish and the maple float increases your chance of getting rare fish.

You can use the Ash float as you reach professional 1 fisher skill, but the maple float requires artisan 1 skill. To understand how the bonuses from these floats work we first need to know how the loot system for fishing works.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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bdo hotspot fishing

Install Steam. Black Desert Online. Global Achievements. Di5a5t3r View Profile View Posts. Got a question for you. A little bit west of Velia a bunch of people are standing there fishing. This is suppose to be a hotspot. But i tried fishing here, cant say i got anything spectacular. What am i missing? Showing 1 - 15 of 17 comments. Suzaku View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Suzaku :. I'd say that's more based on RNG. I've gone multiple days in a row without seeing a single relic.

Rafein View Profile View Posts. Relics are considered a Junk item. They are a failure, like catching seaweed, fish bones, or boots. Originally posted by Rafein :. If you turn on throw away junk when AFK fishing, you'll throw away shards Game considers them junk items.

I always turn on Throw away junk and always come back to shards. It throws away anything with a white name, so fish or junk with white text in the name. Shards are green and aren't thrown away.

BDO And all you need to know: About Hot Spot Fishing

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All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.Due to the broken nature of fishing and the vastness of the water area I wanted to create a thread that would make an easy reference of where you can catch certain fish.

How to Efficiently Auto Fish in Black Desert Online

This is sort of a companion to another thread which documents all the broken fishing quests that call for one fish but really need another thread can be found here: Quests With Wrong Information. Since the locations can often also be incorrect on the quest you can waste a lot of time fishing at the indicated location and never get the right fish.

bdo hotspot fishing

So this will just be an ongoing collection of screenshots with my fishing location on the map and what fish I caught there.

I will continue to add more fish to that location as I find them. If you catch a fish not listed at one of these locations please post and I will include it in the list. Others that want to post their own locations are welcomed to do so. Maybe we can get a more exhaustive reference of fish locations if enough people contribute. There also seems to be a distinction between being on a boat and on the shore with regard to what you can catch in the same location so I will indicate boat or shore for clarity.

Fishing Spot 3 — North of Velia boat — this was not a great spot for anything other than fish bones tbh. NPC gives several quests and I caught most of the fish in this spot. When I first started, I caught regular Tuna but I forget where. Is there such a place??? Also, I was told about amberjack and crab markers.

Where are they exactly. Fishing spot 1 is incorrect. Also, none of the fish say they are from cron castle from within the red circle in the screen shot. The only fish that say cron castle, are the ones under the bridge none of which are on that list. Hey, thanks for these precious tips! April 3, at pm. Vardahoth says:. July 22, at pm. Sinsear says:. May 22, at pm. Sam says:.

April 18, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website. Featured Cosplay Hestia Cosplay and More.By using the route shown in this guide the 4 islands that my fish commonly originate from are: Randis Island, Daton Island, Rameda Island and Padix Island. Note: I have actually had hotspot fish that have originated from Ross Sea but this is extremely rare and not worth the permanent connection.

The three methods to obtain them are as follows:. You can repeat the Fish for Villagers quest and Sweet Reward! The quest should take around 30 mins — 1 hr depending on rng and will reward 3 rods! Please note that expired fish will not work for the quest. Estimate Time: 2. Estimated silver per trip: m based on max inventory depending on trade level and a little bit of trade price rng. Step 1 — Inventory: Empty out your inventory as much as possible. Step 3 — Finding hotspots and filling your inventory: From this point onwards you will want to follow the route shown below.

This route will give you the best chance of spotting hotspots and reducing your travel time between them this is very important for efficiency. You should never be picky when it comes to hotspots and should aim to take whatever you can get as quickly as possible. This chance is based on the amount of energy you spend up to 10 per cast and it stacks with your triple float rod meaning you can catch upto 5 fish in one cast!

However if you are like me and want to save your energy for other activities then id suggest only using 10 energy casts if you are capped on energy or at a Coelacanth hotspot.

Step 4 — Moving your fish: Once you have filled your inventory, head back to epheria check for Coel spots one more time if you want and hop onto your horse. There are two traders in valencia, one to the west and one to the north, both of which have independent prices so we will be checking both of them across 2 channels to get the best overall value for the fish. Sadly there is currently no search option so finding the fish will just come down to experience. You may end up having to sell slightly below this, especially towards the end of your inventory but that is fine and is better than waiting for another channel hop in my opinion.

Skip to content. You save a ton of CP now!! Which island nodes will I need to connect? Use durability reduction pets if you have them yes, they stack Fish during node war times if possible to get free hops between the node war channels. This will help you find hotspots quickly and get the best chance to get good trade prices when you get to valencia! Parking your boat in open areas during the route and zooming the camera into first person perspective will give you a much greater vision range and therefore make it easier to spot hotspots if you are struggling.

Using a tailored traders costume Equipment Tailor Coupon pearls on a Professionals traders cloths purchasable from any Luxury Vendor will allow you to have 3 more rolls on the bargain mini-game. Due to the amount of potential bargain games needed for this method having this item is a huge save on energy.

Node level and Amity with the traders also add even more rolls! Due to the Fever Time event you can actually get relic shards from hotspots!

Only possible on the weekends. The three methods to obtain them are as follows: Sniping them from the marketplace 1. Purchasing from the central marketplace for m A recurring quest in velia which is available every 51 hours and rewards 3 of them!

Fish for Villagers.To be able to auto fish you only need a fishing rod and access to water with fish. However, to maximize earnings while auto fishing requires some thought and character skills. Otherwise, please read on through this auto fishing guide. To start fishing you only need to find a body of water, equip the fishing rod you have in your inventory and press space. Congrats you are now fishing. To auto fish, you now only need to leave the controls alone and the game will take care of the rest.

What happens is that after a fish bites, a three-minute timer starts, after which you automatically reel in the fish and throw again. You do have a couple of choices to make while auto-fishing one of which is the grade of fish you want to keep. The fish grades are white, green, blue, yellow and orangewhere the later grades are more valuable. Click that box and select the grade of fish you wish to discard.

For example, if you select green, your character will automatically discard all white and green fish it catches, only keeping blue, gold, and orange. When you start fishing you can only select to discard white fish, but as your fishing skill increases, you can begin to select higher grades of fish to discard. This ability is dependant on your fishing level as follows:. Now you might wonder why it would be a good idea to discard fish. Well, once you gain access to good fishing rods with durability that allows you to reliably fish for 8 to 10 hours straight while AFK, you might want to start keeping only blue and yellow fish.

For auto fishing, the most important thing is your fishing rod. In Black Desert Online there are a few different tiers of fishing rods. The first rod you will likely get is the Old Fishing Rod. Each fishing rod tier has a certain level requirement, varying durability, and different special effects. The old fishing rod you start with is no good when it comes to AFK fishing. What you want is a fishing rod with enough durability that you can fill your inventory with valuable fish and is repairable.

The only fishing rods that fit that category are the artisan fishing rods. So, you should only use the basic fishing rods until you get enough silver for your first artisan rod. The artisan fishing rods, named after ports in Black Desert Online, can usually be bought from the marketplace. What is most important about those rods is that they can be enhanced and repaired while the others are ruined once their durability runs out. Looking at the Epheria Fishing rod, you will see that its durability is increased by ten for each level of enhancement.

Alternatively, we have the Balenos Fishing Rod. Its special effect is to reduce auto fishing times which is the time that passes from the point where the fish is hooked until your character reels it automatically in.

The importance of the fishing skill when comparing the Balenos fishing rod to the Epheria rod lies in the fact that at higher fishing levels you have an increased chance of conserving the durability of your fishing rod. The bottom line is that if you are just starting to fish and purchased an Epherian fishing rod you should enhance it to a level where you are somewhat confident that your inventory will fill up before its durability runs out.Every second you spend looking for a spot you are losing money.

How to figure it out where to catch a specific type of fish? For example I would like to catch Mudskipper or Tuna, how to find a location where I can catch it?

Scorpion The lifespan of the boat does not increase with the DP you have on the boat. Gide is really compleat.

I hope this will be useful. I have a question I cannot find answer to. The fishing boat degrades how just by usage movement? Also if you have high dps on the boat does it degrade slower? I believe this only works if you are NOT in fullscreen mode. Fullscreen Windowed, or Windowed, then the option to send to tray is available.

To repair a rod you just need to go to a blacksmith and repair like any other piece of equipment. The rods that can be repaired, can they be repaired like the normal items e. Or is there something special needed for them to get repaired? You must be logged in to post a comment. Thank you to everyone who has supported us. We would also like to give a huge thank you to Ashelin for previously hosting the site, our guide contributors, and Luis for everything he has done.

Set Alarms. Remember Me Register Forgotten Password. Fishing Guide. Apr 04 6. Earlier to the western release of Black Desert Online there was a different fishing mechanic to how it is now.

Previously fishing was profitable and did not require you to always be at the keyboard playing. But as the game developed, fishing became less and less profitable while away from the keyboard. The system we have now has some similarities but also vast differences to the original fishing system. We still have the essential features of requiring a rod, waiting for fish to bite and then playing a small minigame.

But if you wish to maximise your fishing profits you ought to look at the small details that will hopefully be presented within this guide. Just select on the fish icon and your character will be directed towards the location of the NPC.

Once you have a fishing rod, approach any source of water and while you have the rod equipped press space to cast your bait. If it was successful you will begin fishing and if not, your character will retract the bait.

Once you have casted your line, wait until you have a bite and when your ready press space to start reeling. The game should tell you if you have a bite or not. Now comes the first phase of the minigame. In this phase you have to press space when the bar is within the blue region. The bar will fill and empty 3 times so you can take your time to get it right.

If you succeed then you reach the last phase of the minigame. If you fail you have to re-cast your line and wait for another bite. You can obtain a perfect reel if you manage to press spacebar at the exact time that the bar is completely full.Fishing is an incredibly simple activity. To start, find some water, equip your fishing rod by right-clicking on it, and you press space. If I was regular fishing, once my character got a bite, I press space and play a little minigame and catch the fish.

Once you got a bite, your character will auto-catch the fish after 3 minutes, all you have to do it wait. After your character caught the fish, it will automatically start auto-fishing again. Now you can go away and do something else besides playing BDO, while still making silver. You use the fishing rods durability up when you catch a fish, every time you start a new fishing session you should go and repair your rod at the blacksmith, this costs a small amount of silver.

Processing can beat fishing for a more active player but for anyone that wants to log into two or three times a day, when should I go to bed when I get home. Fishing is usually a fantastic source of money that can make you millions of silver. It also gives you Relic shards, which you can use to go and get memory fragment to sell them for even more silver or use them to repair gear you are trying to upgrade memory fragment is usually the bottleneck for upgrading boss gear in BDO.

Fishing is straightforward to do all you need is a fishing rod inventory space and find yourself a decent hotspot to start fishing. An essential thing for Fishers is inventory space you need as much space as possible because each fish you catch a fish; it will take up one inventory slot; they do not stack. The more inventory slots you have, the more time you can be AFK. So if you want to AFK for the max amount of time over a hundred inventory slots so you can AFK for a reasonable amount of time.

The most important thing for a Fisher, the fishing rod. So there are a few different types of fishing rod in the game you can purchase them on Central Marketplace. The best pet for AFK-fishing is the penguin. Penguins reduce the auto-fishing time, making them good pets to have if you AFK-fish. Which means instead of 70 durabilities, it sits atwhich doubles the amount AFK-time.

There is a cash-shop outfit you can get that helps. You can kind of ignore it unlike the processing outfit, which is a must if you do any form of processing. You can finish the night off with several million silver worth of fish and ancient crystal shards in your inventory. Ancient Relic Crystal Shards do you have two Major options; you can run them yourself, so you put them together into the form of a plus if you press this little combine them into your little disco ball thing.

Then you can go run them in somewhere near Keplan right-click on the scroll to guide you to the location. Relic runs give you enhancement materials such as memory fragments, black stones and hunter seals which can be traded in for black stone armor or weapon. I recommend trading it in for black stone armor since you can get 1 black stone armor for two hunter seals.


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