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Childhood punishment memories

Subject: Witnessing a Memorable Spanking. Author: Gary Steven [ Edit View ]. Was it bare bottom or clothed? Did you also get spanked at that time or just a witness? I've seen many spankings that would qualify as memorable. Both in my family, neighbors and even complete strangers. The most memorable involved my Aunt and my cousin Carmen, who was twelve at the time. We were visiting them for a weekend when I was seven. We were all in the boy's bedroom hanging out talking and playing games.

At eleven o'clock, my Aunt Ruth stuck her head in the door and told us it was time for bed. Y'all have been acting like a bunch of wild Indians all day, and we adults want a little peace so we can play cards. Ruth turned around and snapped," What did you say Carmen Marie? Carmen was apologizing and saying she said Shoot instead of what her mother thought she heard, but Aunt Ruth wasn't believing her.

She snatched her up off the bed, sat down and put Carmen straight across her lap. I was literally standing on the bed just behind and to the right of my aunt as she raised Carmen's skirt and then yanked her panties down to her knees. Carmen was kicking and begging her mom not to spank her as we watched in total silence.

Aunt Ruth landed a hard slap across the center of Carmen's bottom and she screamed and tried to put her hands back to cover up. From the point of view I had, it almost seemed like I was the one spanking her myself. I watched unblinking almost like a deer in the headlights as Carmen kicked and cried.

As she was kicking, her panties moved back up from her knees to her butt. Aunt Ruth stopped spanking her and pulled them back down all the way to her ankles. Then she continued the spanking. I don't know how long the spanking lasted but it seemed to go on for several minutes. Carmen had already kicked off her flip flops early in the spanking but as she kicked cried and screamed she also kicked her panties off.

I watched with guilty fascination as her bottom turned from having the pale white tan line to pink, then red, then an almost purplish red.

#341: Memory of Childhood - 5: "The Belt"

Aunt Ruth turned to us and said, "Now get to bed or you'll all get the same thing. I could close my eyes and still see the spanking I had just witnessed vividly in my mind's eye and even had dreams or nightmares about it for the next several days.

I've seen and received a LOT of spankings that are memorable and I remember them in detail, but, this one I remember in perfect detail and can still see in my head, fifty three years later. What is the most memorable spanking you ever witnessed? Subject: Has anyone gotten spanked in front of friends.

Author: Justin [ Edit View ]. When my dad got home from work he came into my room and asked me about some chore I was supposed to have done. I guess I had forgotten to do it but apparently I gave him some wise ass answer. He didn't like my tone and told me so. I should have backed down and he gave me plenty of opportunity to do so, but maybe I wanted to impress my friends, or maybe it was the testosterone or something, and I inflamed the situation instead.

Well, he had enough of my mouth and told me he would teach me the lesson of my life. He sat on the bed and pulled me over his lap. Then he yanked down my jeans and then my underwear and gave me a long, horrible, and painful spanking. Although the spanking hurt like hell, nothing compared to the humiliation of my friends seeing me in that position, bare bottomed over my dad's lap and getting spanked like a little kid.A workplace spanking.

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childhood punishment memories

A childhood spanking game. Three schoolgirls slippered. A schoolboy given a painful caning. A girl gets a birthday spanking. Boy and girl spanked by stepdad. Girl spanked by stepdad. Boy and girl caned. Primary school punishments.Join our Red Bottom Club for access to over more exclusive spanking memories, some of them in audio format too! A mont… more.

You asked for it, and you got it! In The Corner is our new discussion forum where you can share your memories and opinions o… more. Warning: This contribution is somewhat different from our usual content in its parameters, in that it references a spa … more. At the time of interview, she and her husband … more. When I was eight years old, my parents were suddenly called away urgently to attend my maternal grandfather, who was ver… more.

When I was seven, my mother died — and when I was nine, my dad remarried.

childhood punishment memories

My stepmom was smart, kind, funny, engaged, lovin… more. The first child I ever spanked was a seven-year-old boy I babysat. David was a lovely kid and Carole, his single mother, r… more.

I grew up in the s and s, and while spanking was, I think, still in common practice in my neighbourhood, it had alr… more. When we were nine — almost 10 — my friend Glyn and I were mad about dogs. I wanted one but my parents vetoed the idea. Cindy is a divorced mother of two boys, aged 11 and 13 at the time of interview. She lives in Newcastle, Australia. What do … more. Lena lives in the Polish city of Poznan with her husband and children. Sarah is a European single mother and is mum to Emma, who at the time of this interview was eight years old.

Can we start by t … more. My parents split up when I was eight and my sister Clare was I understand that the family was already in a bad way financ… more. One of my more memorable spankings came in seventh grade. I was struggling with my math class pre-algebra — Mom knew th… more. During the early s, spanking or smacking, as we generally call it in the UK was in transition. It was not frowned up… more. In this account, Dieter recalls … more. Pete was mystified when he was taken for his first tawsing at school, not realising that the mysterious strip of brown le… more.

My father was a retained fireman. For those of you from outside the UK, this is a firefighter who actually has another job … more. During my childhood, discipline was a common affair in most households. I always connected strongly with maternal dis… more.Nowadays, corporal punishment is frowned on in many countries. But that wasn't the case in Scotland in the early s.

The Navy transferred my father to Dunoon, Scotland in the second half of I remember anti-war marches, strange to us accents and words that meant different things in Scottish than they did in American English. But one of the strongest memories is of "The Belt.

I can't speak about the culture of punishment in the Scottish schools today but back then the worse punishment we could receive was whacks from "The Belt" although there apparently were a great many of the belts in the schools. We had lived there a year before I was exposed to the belt's reality.

childhood punishment memories

And it wasn't my fault. Truly it wasn't. Well, not directly. One class period the teacher was late so some boys threw her books out of the first floor window. When no one claimed responsibility, every student in the class received one whack from her belt, a leather strap about half an inch wide and maybe an eighth of an inch thick with one end split like a snake's tongue.

One at a time we had to stand and hold out an arm palm up so she could hit us along the forearm, wrist and palm with "The Belt. My second exposure was in wood shop class when the noise became too unbearable for the instructor who announced that the next person to talk would get "The Belt.

That was all it took for me to be called to the front of the classroom and given two lashes with his copy of "The Belt. Two buddies and I decided to skip an afternoon of school to play snooker like pool and eat crisps potato chips. This would have been the first half of my freshman year in high school in the U. When we remembered we had left our books outside on the school grounds and went to retrieve them, everyone had left for the day.

Except the headmaster principala stern, large bear of a man. He saw us and called us into his office the next morning to explain where we had been.

The three of us withered under his angry stare. Being unable to offer sufficient reason for skipping classes, we were ordered to line up to each get three lashes from "The Belt. But we learned our lesson and were on time for every class afterward. No, that kind of punishment now in many countries would have the authorities swarming down on our parents and school administrators but such punishment taught a valuable lesson -- sometimes things REALLY CAN get worse.

Whether the headmaster's belt was thicker or stronger than the others or whether he was simply more intimidating and hit harder, I'm not sure. What I AM certain of is that when I think back to my experience with "The Belt" I am reminded that as much as it hurt at the time and as embarrassing as it was, it was the way of the country at that time. Those punishments never did dim my enthusiasm for living abroad nor did they make the Scottish people any less interesting.

What it did, though, was teach me that, in comparison, punishment by Dad's belt was nothing. I'm just glad he didn't have one of "The Belts. Share This Post With Others. Report Inappropriate Blog.Used on bare skin it produces considerable sting at low force leaving no redness at all after 20 or 30 minutes.

If a parent spanks over clothes in my days it would have been full sized knickers plus a petticoat plus a pleated woolen skirt at winter time they will have to use a heavier implement and spank much harder which increases the risk of producing longer lasting deep muscular damage.

I agree that today a girl might as well keep her skimpy panties on. That brush certainly had a fascination for me too. But the main thing was I never really knew when it was to be used as we were never sentenced to "the brush. Generally however we knew that it had to be something fairly classic for the brush to be used and to be honest a "normal" spanking, while unpleasant, was not something that caused me to worry about too much until the moment.

Teen years we were always warned that we were not too old to be spanked, or "you're not too old to be put over my knee young lady.

I don't think a bare bottom spanking is ever needed either, though my mom did some when I was under the age of 7. My dad never spanked any of us on anything but clothed bottoms. My mom did what she was taught, like I think a lot of people do, so I harbor no ill feelings about them, but I have told her that her bare bottom spankings and implements were unneeded at the time, her hand on my pants worked the same magic on my behavior.

And as far as dads not spanking a girl's bare bottom, my dad preserved my modesty as well as my brothers and I am appreciative of that. The spankings coming from him were terrible enough since I was a daddy's girl and had so much admiration for him. Some men feel the same way, while their wives will spank a bared bottom Mom's always feel physically different towards their kids than men do. They are literally a part of your body for 9 months, and that's something men will never get.

I can see where the dad might want to not do anything that would seem inappropriate to the girl as she got older. Having said that, I don't think moms should do it either I am against it I wasn't embarrassed at the time because it was mom and me alone in my room and I was quite young, but looking back I do feel pangs of humiliation knowing I was in that position of complete loss of control over my physical being.

Differently than my pants up spankings which were the normal ones in our house. I think I must have been about 10 at the time, just on the brink of puberty or maybe already in it and rather independent-feeling for my age.

My sister would have been 6, almost 7. I don't really remember the boys' ages but they were slightly younger than me I think. I was as big or slightly bigger than the oldest, I do remember. He had pushed my sister in at least once and had tried me when I turned the tables on him. I was a lot stronger than I looked I guess and was proud of my athletic ability. My undoing was the fact that it was a warm day and my mother had opened the front windows in our motel room. So the boys heard much of my fruitless pleading about not taking off my bathing suit for my spanking, all of my spanking and my cries, plus my mother's lecture.Subject: Spanking a Sibling.

Author: Gary Steven [ Edit View ].

Childhood Enemas Remembered

We often told people we were twins born five years apart. Sometimes we would get in trouble trying to keep the other from getting in trouble. For example she might do something wrong and I'd cover for her. Unfortunately, sometimes we didn't coordinate our stories, and we'd both end up getting a spanking. We both also participated in play spankings which were almost always bare bottom with our friends and each other as well. There were times she would do something she wasn't supposed to do and she would ask me to give her a spanking instead of telling our mom.

Unlike the play spankings, she understood it would be a real spanking and it was always administered bare bottom over my knee. When I was giving her a real spanking, I only used my hand. Like if she wanted me to cover her chores so she could play with her friends. She would ask me to do her share of the chores and told me she would let me spank her.

I would agree, and sit down, she would bare her bottom and lay across my lap. I'd spank her by hand, hard enough to leave her bottom a nice shade of red and she would be teary eyed.

She would stand up and sniffling but would tell me "thank you" as she pulled her pants up and then would go about her business. The last time she asked me to spank her for covering for her was when she was fourteen. Mom was in her room and found a pack of cigarettes on the floor between the nightstand and bed.

She was getting ready to give Karen spanking over it and was telling her to pull down her pants. I told mom the cigarettes were mine and they must have fallen out of my jacket pocket when I was in Karen's room talking with her.

I knew I wouldn't get in trouble because I was nineteen and mom knew I smoked. So Karen didn't get spanked. Later on when we were home alone, She came to my room and thanked me for covering for her. I told her to be more careful because next time mom probably wouldn't believe I left them in there by accident a second time.

I was surprised when she asked me to give her a spanking since I had covered for her.

#341: Memory of Childhood - 5: "The Belt"

She bared her bottom and laid down across my lap. At first I just gave her a few playful swats and she stopped me and told me it needed to be a real spanking. So I complied and when I finished, she was red bottomed and crying. She pulled her pants up and hugged me and thanked me for getting her out of trouble with mom and went about her business. Unfortunately for her about a year later, mom caught her with a pack of cigarettes. I wasn't able to cover for her because I was living on my own at the time and she got her bare butt blistered for it.

Has anyone else in here spanked a sibling to cover for them or have you been spanked by a sibling so you wouldn't get in trouble with your parents? Subject: Fear. Author: Adalynn [ Edit View ]. And why? I personally feared being grounded.

Memories of Childhood: No. 2, First Punishment

The embarrassment of telling friends and having to stay in my room all day was not fun. Subject: How was the belt used. Author: Adam [ Edit View ]. I have heard of people wrapping it around their hand leaving just enough of the end of the belt to give the spank or folding the belt in two and then wrapping it to length.

My dad was a folder but he would position himself far enough away that the belt got us right across our butt.Regular visitors will know this is a sister website to www. Contact: chasyoung3 yahoo. I own an automobile and truck sales and repair business in a small Indiana town. I have several repair technicians working in the shop and two women working in the office on alternate days. I personally am in and out a lot and not always on site.

I can keep an eye on things through my iPhone. All transactions, inventory and emails can be monitored through apps on my personal phone. One day in late MarchI was on my sales lot and noticed an email alert on my phone.

When I went to open it, it had been. More than twenty years ago, I had a relationship with Fiona and I thought it might be interesting to recount my memories of time with her.

She and I had an exciting time together, but we were never going to be long-term; she was way too much trouble. As I said, this goes back over twenty years and she was the only partner that I have been with that shared my interest of CP. When she had goaded me into caning her, which she did often, she often used to say after the first cane stroke that it was too.

The game of the day in the s was to make catapults out of elastic bands, by tying 2 or 3 together, threading them through the fore finger and thumb of one hand, then getting a small piece of paper, folding it into a small piece, make it wet, then fire it at some unsuspecting person.

This mainly went on during lessons when the teacher was not looking. In an English lesson, one of the student teachers was being assessed and there was a monitor in the room, watching how the lessons progressed. Even though there was an assessor, the. During the late s and early s, canings and slipperings were all part of the school experience. I had witnessed class canings and slipperings during lessons.

Normally it was one or two strokes on the hand or bottom, these punishments were carried out by all sorts of teachers. But for serious offences you would be given a blue slip, and you would be sent to the head of year for punishment. There it would be a caning, normally 4 or 6 strokes, depending on what the offence was. For offences, such as lying, cheating, fighting or other really serious offences. In his class, you could get a slippering for almost anything. You were called out in the lessons, told to bow to the queen and stay there until the two strokes of the slipper had been given, then back to your desk.

In English, the cane was given out by Mrs W. The cane was on the desk in the front of the class and you would be caned one or two strokes on the hand. Mr M, the maths master, a tall thin man. During my third year at middle school, several events happened that had a major impact on my life, that are still with me today. The onset of puberty meant that girls were becoming more interesting.

The previous year, I had suffered the worst caning I ever had by a sadistic teacher who just loved to cane. Most of the school thought she was out of her mind and it was a relief to get into the third year before I moved onto the senior school. At my middle school, women as well as men could cane either sex, as each.

The worst caning I ever had in the middle school was when I was 12 years old, and it happened just over a year since I was last caned by Mrs R, the Art teacher. At my middle school, women as well as men could cane either sex, as each year had a male and female head of year. These teachers not only ran the year, but also taught a subject.

I had witnessed class canings and slipperings during lessons; normally it was one or two strokes on the hand or bottom, but for serious offences you would be sent.


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