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Kumkum bhagya episode 134

I started writing as a hobby. It turned into a fledged out career fortunately. I love reading novels and creative arts. I'm very committed and give my best to my work. Well, it was available on-line! And it would appear that the camera and editing crew are doing the same thing that they did both to aliyah and tuna-fish a number of times. Just as the actress is finishing her scene and begins to walk away … she personally begins to grin from ear to ear regarding her performance.

Aliyah and tuna-fish both, used to do this when they would have scenes with Abhi, excepting they were not celebrating their performances, they were flirting with Shabir A. Poor acting skills could be punished by getting rid of the character. And the replicate Aliyah? New lips, new face anyway. The episode started with that face and ended wth that face. What a wonderful message to send to the women of India.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Please review our policy and accept it. Accept Read More. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Forget password? Remember me. Sign in Recover your password. A password will be e-mailed to you. Kumkum Bhagya.The festival of Holi is celebrated not only in real life, but in reel-life as well. The daily soap operas celebrate Holi with fun and frolic. Something similar will be seen on Wednesday, March 11's episode of Kumkum Bhagya, where the characters will be getting coloured in different hues of the festival.

The story of the daily serial has been taking new turns in recent weeks and in the previous episode, we saw Rhea all worried by the talks of Ranbir getting engaged to Maya. Aliya, on the other hand, looked all concerned and worried about Rhea's health after Ranbir's engagement news. In tonight's episode, we will see Prachi telling Pragya that if she makes it to the Holi party hosted by Mehra family at their residence, she will be able to help save Ranbir from getting engaged forcefully.

kumkum bhagya episode 134

In the promo of tonight's episode of Kumkum Bhagya, it has been shown that Prachi tries to cajole Pragya for attending the Holi party. She says it is the last chance for them to make things fall in place. Prachi adds that Ranbir and Maya's engagement cannot be stopped without Pragya's assistance.

However, Pragya doesn't seem to be convinced. During the Holi party, Ranbir and Prachi are seen standing close, looking into each other's eyes. Ranbir looks at Prachi lovingly, while she also sees love for herself in Ranbir's eyes.

Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2020 Video Episode

Suddenly, Prachi applies colour on Ranbir's face and starts dancing. View this post on Instagram Kya aapko lagta hai ki Pragya Holi party mein jaayegi? Watch now on ZEE5. In tonight's episode, Abhi will be seen asking Vikram to invite Maya's family over to their place so that he can try and understand ways to put an end to the drama. He also denies attending Holi celebrations.

Will Prachi be able to save Ranbir from getting engaged with Maya? All actions and suspense will be unfolded at tonight's episode. Click here to contribute to the cause.The series started as the story of Pragya, Bulbul and their mother Sarla Arora's hope to see them married. Later, the show revolved around Abhi and Pragya.

On 18 Marchafter Abhi and Pragya's separation, a twenty-year leap was introduced. Pragya and Bulbul help their mother Sarla run the Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall. The series begins with a short-lived love triangle involving Pragya — Suresh — Bulbul, leading to the cancellation of Pragya's engagement with Suresh. Rockstar Abhishek "Abhi" is in a relationship with supermodel Tanushree "Tanu". Purab Khanna is Abhishek's best friend and music handler and hires Bulbul at his advertising agency.

He falls in love with Bulbul despite being engaged to Abhi's sister Aliya. Aliya misunderstands that Purab is seeing Pragya and Abhi marries Pragya to keep her from ruining Aliya's relationship with Purab.

Post-marriage, Pragya realizes the truth and accepts the blame to protect Bulbul. On his wedding day, Purab abandons Aliya and comes clean to everyone about his love for Bulbul. Various situations and circumstances bring Abhishek and Pragya closer.

Abhi reconciles with Purab and Bulbul and gets them married. Desperate to get Abhi back, Tanu fakes a DNA report to imply that he is the father of her unborn child, which is actually the result of a one-night stand between her and Nikhil.

Pragya realises the truth but suffers an accident and is declared dead, before she could reveal the truth to Abhi. Pragya returns to exact revenge on her wrongdoers by becoming the owner of Abhi's properties. Bulbul risks her life and dies while saving Pragya from Aliya. The season ends with Pragya exposing Tanu and winning back Abhi's trust. However, Abhishek gets into an accident and loses his memory. He forgets the last two-and-a-half years of his life, including Pragya who has to leave him for his own good.

Abhi and Pragya came across each-other once again, the meeting results to their friendship where Abhi is still unaware of who she is. On his wedding day with Tanu, Abhi regains his memory but he soon loses Pragya for she is shot by some goons and falls into a dam. However, after several sequences with her look alike named Munni, Pragya finally recovers from coma and reconciles with Abhi.

On the other hand, Purab and Disha's love story begins to bloom. She proposes to him and he decides to move on from Bulbul and give their marriage a chance.

A girl named Simonika, joins Abhi's office as his secretary, she plans to take her revenge for he has killed her husband Dushyant.

kumkum bhagya episode 134

In a barter, Tanu asks Simonika to spare Abhi and kill Pragya instead. However, Simonika ends up murdering Dadi who reaches the factory before Pragya to save her life.

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Both Abhi and Aliya blame Pragya for Dadi's death. Abhi asks Pragya to leave, thus, a heart-broken and grief-stricken Pragya is shown attempting suicide by jumping off a cliff. She also has a daughter from Abhi, named Kiara. Abhi and Pragya hold each other responsible for Dadi's death. Abhi and King are offered a world music album and thus, the latter flies to India with Pragya and Kiara. Kiara and Abhi meet in Delhi, where the Mehra family now lives, and become good friends.

Abhi finds out about Kiara being his daughter at Neha's wedding, Mitali and Raaj's daughter.

kumkum bhagya episode 134

Abhi comes to know that King and Pragya are not married for real. He convinces Pragya of his love and remarries her, after their marriage, Pragya expects twins. A jealous Tanu tries to kill Pragya and her unborn babies, but Abhi, Aliya and others kick her out of the house.Shahana wakes up Prachi, teasing that she proposed Ranbir and he said a no.

Prachi was irritated and says that Ranbir actually proposed her, and she said a no. Shahana runs outside and tells the family. Pragya and Sarita ben were excited too. She dials the number herself, and Pragya considers her as the elder. Sarita Ben speaks on phone about Prachi and Ranbir.

She comes to know that Ranbir told his family already, and they are coming for Roka. Prachi was hit by pillow on her face, and realizes that it had been a day dream. Shahana asks where she got lost. Prachi changes the topic. He requests Abhi an advice.

Kumkum Bhagya - Best Scene - Episode 239 - Shabbir Ahluwalia, Sriti Jha - Zee TV

Ranbir was impressed. Abhi says he has gone through all such times in life, when matter of heart become matter of life. Ranbir tells Abhi that he confessed his love to the girl he likes. Ranbir says there is a problem. Ranbir was telling Abhi that she reacted quite aggressively and went home without any positive response. Abhi thinks this is the reason, Riya flew for a holiday. Ranbir was relieved that Abhi says she will come back.

He will now sleep calmly. Abhi assures he will fulfil all his dreams, and advices him to use sanitizer before sleep. There, Pragya sat with a photo of Kiara. Sarita Ben comes to the room and realizes Pragya seemed upset.

She turns to leave. Pragya offers Sarita Ben to sit. She shows her the photo of her elder daughter, Kiara. Sarita Ben complements that Kiara is beautiful. Pragya smiles that Kiara was the one who made her mother for the first time. She never thought of living without her, and now years have passed. Sarita Ben says now Prachi is her life. Pragya recalls that Kiara was a xerox copy of her father. She loved the Holi festival, was mischievous and always naughty, and demanded a different lunch all day.

She cries missing Kiara. There, Abhi also recalls all the moments he had spent with Kiara. Abhi laughs that he has spoiled Riya.

Meera asks if there is something in Riya, that resembles Pragya; she has never met Pragya.She decides not to tell anybody about it. Ranbir tells Abhi that he confessed his feelings to the girl he loves but she reacted aggressively and went home. Abhi thinks Ranbir is talking about Rhea. Ranbir thanks him. Abhi thinks of Rhea and Kiara and thinks Kiara was his xerox copy. She shows it to Sarita ben and says she never thought she would live without her for so many years.

On the other hand, Abhi also looks at her picture. Abhi and Pragya remember her and get emotional. Meera asks Abhi whether Rhea has any similarities with Pragya. He says Prachi is similar to Pragya, similar smile, same innocence, if she wants to meet Pragya, she can meet Prachi. Chaubey says Ranbir has to come to City mall for shopping clothes for the sangeet function as the wedding is near.

Ranbir says to himself that he is calling her because he is in a mess. Author: Editorial Team. Also Read. Some of the interesting facts about Kumkum Bhagya.

Kumkum Bhagya 25th March 2020 Video Episode 1613

Which is your favorite Memory of Abhigya from Kumkum Bhagya? Divyanka Tripathi and Sriti Jha set ethnic style goals! Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Pragya's romantic eye lock moment. Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Kiara's cute moment will melt your heart. Abhi Pragya's hit-and-miss moments from Kumkum Bhagya.

Latest stories. Load More. Accept terms privacy policy. Subscribe Now.Sign In. Year: S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. Pragya is getting married to Tarun today, but her sister Bulbul feels that she should not be marrying a complete stranger suddenly. But Pragya says that she had met him once and she finds Tarun practical.

Suresh comes to pick Pragya for her college. Pragya goes to college even on the day of her marriage as she is a teacher. All the other teachers congratulate her for her marriage and give her a farewell. Suresh is not happy that she is marrying Tarun. But Pragya anyway invites him for her marriage knowing that he actually loves her.

The 'Baraat' arrives and Pragya S1, Ep2. Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

Kumkum Bhagya 19th March 2020 Written Episode Update

S1, Ep3. S1, Ep4. S1, Ep5. S1, Ep6. S1, Ep7. S1, Ep8. S1, Ep9. S1, Ep Add Image S1, Ep Abhi and Pragya's marriage function takes place in a grand manner in Pragya's very own marriage hall. While Abhi's grandmother is very happy with the preparations, Pragya's mother continues to worry about the marriage going well. Pragya arrives for the marriage, and just when Abhi is about to put the garland around Pragya's neck the lights go off.

The whole family and all the guests begin to get worried. But Abhi asks for a lighter and continues to put the garland around Pragya's neck. Just then the lights come on and it turns out that Suresh had fixed the electricityAbhi and Vikram come there.

Abhi says he just wants to celebrate holi with his wife. Abhi sees a guy standing holding the holi color and coughing. Abhi tries to help him and takes the plate. He sees someone about to throw color on him and turns to save him, and the color from the plate falls on Pragya. Pragya keeps hand on her face. Someone throws yellow color on him. Sarita behen asks did you meet your husband?

Pragya goes from there and smiles thinking about Abhi. Maya comes to Prachi and asks why she is behind Ranbir, knowing he is marrying her. Prachi says we shall talk about how this marriage is happening. Just then Maya gets a call. Maya tells Prachi that Ranbir is calling her to his bedroom and is desperate about her.

She then tells Pragya that if I see you near him then…Ranbir calls her again. Pallavi asks Prachi why are you talking to her. Prachi says she was trying to bring out the truth. Meera is with Aaliya and comes to Sarita behen and wishes her happy holi. Pragya comes there and gives water to Sarita behen. Meera asks who has colored you?

Pragya says someone threw it. Aaliya is about to see Pragya, but some guest stops her. Pragya goes with Sarita behen to wash her face. Just then something goes in her eyes, Ranbir comes and takes her to wash her eyes.

Sarita behen takes Pragya to the washroom. Abhi and Vikram come there and greet Sarita behen. Sarita behen asks what they are doing here? Abhi and Vikram say that this is our home. She also does their tilaks. She asks them to meet her. Ranbir takes Prachi to the other washroom. Prachi washes her face. Ranbir wipes color from her eyes. He looks at her and blows on her eyes. Tujhme khoya rahun main…plays…. Prachi opens her eyes and looks at him.

She signs that she is fine. Ranbir stops her and moves her hairs from her shoulder. He takes out flowers from her hairs.


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