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Nicehash login failed

As a new Starting Strength trainee, one of the biggest opportunities for error outside of the gym is failing to eat in a way that optimally supports the growth of lean muscular bodymass. The most important aspect of diet for a new trainee is protein intake. Yes, overall caloric intake is critical, but learning how to eat enough protein requires the biggest change in habits for most people.

Once a protein goal is met, adding calories with carbs, or removing fat calories, becomes a fairly simple day-to-day adjustment.

niceHash Connection Lost! 0.000000 H/s

I'm not asking you to punish yourself inside or outside of the gym. Restrictive diets are for physique competitors, athletes, those that need medical intervention the morbidly obese, type II diabeticsand your friend that just went vegan because of a documentary she saw on Netflix. Being a strength trainee is about improving the quality of your physical existence. Otherwise, take this time to enjoy yourself.

As a reminder: Our goal is to get stronger. Stronger means more muscle mass. Building lean muscular bodymass requires eating lots of protein, with enough calories to be in an anabolic growth state. How much protein do you need? But for the majority of trainees who are not obese, a great place to start is to eat 1g of protein per pound of target bodyweight, or current bodyweight, whichever is greater.

In a unique situation? How can you possibly eat that much protein? By treating animal protein like the priority it is and centering your meals around it. Resist the temptation to create problems where there are none. There is no need to pay attention to the latest nutrition craze on Instagram, or to your co-workers that are doing a team juice cleanse. Try this instead: Lift big, eat big, sleep great, and whenever possible, enjoy the hell out of life.

Modifying the Program for Geezers —Jonathon Sullivan. Highlights from the StartingStrength Community. Browse archives. Support StartingStrength. More from Starting Strength. Is Olympic Weightlifting Strength Training? Trust Me —Andrew Jackson.The first step when troubleshooting is to upgrade Awesome Miner to the latest version.

Either click the blue Menu button and Check for updates or visit the Download page on the web site. The currently installed version is displayed in the lower left corner of the application. Please make sure that either the latest GPU drivers are used, or the GPU drivers that are recommended by the author of the mining software are used.

If any overclocking is made, restore the clock speed to the default values to ensure a stable baseline before proceeding with any overclocking. This will launch the mining software, include information about the command line arguments Awesome Miner used to launch the software and also any output or error messages from the mining software.

Please review any error messages as they will often include indications about the problem. Sgminer: "All devices disabled, cannot mine! To prevent this, add a command line argument to Sgminer. The instructions are different depending on if profit switching Managed Profit Miner is used on not. Select Sgminer in the list of mining software and click Configure. Add the following in the Command Line section: --gpu-platform 1. Managed Miner: Open the Properties of the miner, go to the Command Line section and enter the following: --gpu-platform 1.

This indicates that the mining software is unable to connect to the pool with the configured worker name or wallet address. For pools that requires a Bitcoin address as identifier, please verify that a valid Bitcoin address has been provided. For pools that requires registration first Mining Pool Hub for exampleplease ensure that the same username for the pool web site is used together with a worker name.

A typical worker name can be: yourusername. Please see the pool documentation for details. See the section about prerequisites for mining software below for links to download the missing packages. This mining software requires a bit version of Windows, while you are running on a bit version. This indicates either a crash or instant shutdown of the launched mining software. Please check that the prerequisites for the mining software are installed. To troubleshoot further, first run the Diagnostics to see the command executed by Awesome Miner, then open a command prompt and manually run the same command to see if any additional messages from the mining software is provided.

In case the problem cannot be resolved, please contact the Awesome Miner support and include the following:. If Awesome Miner successfully launches the mining software and it starts mining, any crashes later on is in general not related to Awesome Miner.

Awesome Miner can detect these crashes, provide notifications and restart the mining software. However, if the crash happens in software outside of the Awesome Miner application, there is no feature in Awesome Miner to correct this problem. Instead the author of the crashing mining software should be contacted for a resolution.


Please refer to discussion forums and mining software documentation for links to each of the mining software launched by Awesome Miner. In most scenarios, crashes in mining software cannot be resolved from an Awesome Miner point of view.

Crashes in mining software should primarily be reported to the author of the crashing software. However, if there are strong indications that Awesome Miner is doing something incorrectly, please report the following information:.

Awesome Miner includes support for launching several popular mining software. However, product support is not given on any of these external mining applications as the respective development team is responsible for their software. Questions about how to get a specific computer or GPU to work with mining are not part of the Awesome Miner support.

Deploy. Monitor. Manage.

If the GPU mining software cannot be started manually from the command line, the problem is outside the scope of Awesome Miner and no support will be given.Bug - amdgpu: powerplay failed send message Summary: amdgpu: powerplay failed send message. Comment 4 Jon UTC. Comment 9 work UTC. Comment 10 work UTC. Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug.

Status : NEW. Video DRI - non Intel show other bugs. Attachments dmesg Details Diff. Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. Mesa is from oibaf's ppa for ubuntu In my case it's a Sapphire XT, and I am using Gentoo instead of Ubuntu, however, the problems start way before any userspace code is loaded. In my case, the problems cause long delays on system boot, once before loading init, once while X is loading. As a very rough estimate, I think the delays amount to about 2 minutes. Once X is loaded, I can no longer see any delays.

All sensors on the board are completely non-functional. I have three monitors connected to this board, all of them via DisplayPort. I am attaching another dmesg log. If you have flickering too not sure if it's all related there's a dpm override you can try. In kernel 5. In my opinion a lot of powerplay issues are caused by missing mutexes between kernel and user space. I prepared a very simple kernel 5. I'd expect powerplay to take care of this critical temperature and slow down the GPU.

The log is flooded with: Apr 11 linuxserver kernel: amdgpu If I boot with only one monitor connected and connect the second one later, everything seems to work fine. The significant errors in dmesg read: Aug 15 dino kernel: failed send message: TransferTableSmu2Dram 18 param: 0x response 0xffffffc2 Aug 15 dino kernel: Failed to export SMU metrics table! Aug 15 dino kernel: Msg issuing pre-check failed and SMU may be not in the right state! Aug 15 dino kernel: amdgpu Aug 15 dino kernel: Failed to export SMU metrics table!Have a question about this project?

What Do YOU Need to MINE ONE BITCOIN In 2020?!

Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. Running NiceHash Miner Legacy v1. Looking NiceHash stats, these two cards are only mining GrinCuckaroo29 and Beam, but neither are listed as Algorithms?

The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. Upgraded to v1. But, GrinCuckaroo29 won't benchmark nor run on my 6GB. I believe it's confused because I also have AMD cards. It gives a red error, but closes too quickly for me to read. This is why I recommend v1. I also ran gminer manually and get the same result.

Ran several older versions with same result. Ran v1. Did some research and it seems GMiner doesn't work on Windows Which sounds crazy as everyone should be running Windows Anyway, not sure how everyone else is running the GrinCuckaroo29 algorithm.

nicehash login failed

I got a different miner running instead via the command line. No reason to run the NiceHash front-end anyway. Why are people even running GrinCuckaroo29? Makes no sense. This trouble getting GrinCuckaroo29 running and it's not nearly worth it. Skip to content.Support Center. Binance Ethereum Mining Tutorial. Mining Equipment and Environment. Please complete the following steps to set up your account:.

Visit the official Binance Pool website and register for a Binance Pool account to create a mining account. Step 1: Login to the Binance Pool website: pool.

If you have a Binance Exchange account, click the Log In button in the upper right corner to log in directly you can use the same account for both Binance Pool and Binance Exchange.

If not, please click the Register button in the upper right corner to complete registration. Step 3: Create a mining account. After logging in, click Account Management to create a mining account. Here, you will assign a username to the mining account. Enter the corresponding username for the miner that will be used on that account. How to Get Mining Software. Hive OS : The ultimate mining platform that allows users to set up, mine and control processes more efficiently and hustle-free across thousands of rigs all in one place.

Everything you and your team need to keep your farm at its peak efficiency. Minerstat covers all the important features such as a built-in mining calculator, benchmark, profit switching, diagnostics, and dozens of other tools that make the mining manager's job easier.

Allows for a one-click batch mining pool, coin, and wallet change-overs; one-click batch kernel, software, and driver upgrades; and one-click batch overclocking, without having to rely on ShadowsocksR. Configure the mining software. If you are using Minerstat for the first time, please view How to set up mining on Binance Pool. Set up your account using ETH mining. To start using your miner, enter your Binance Pool mining account to set Binance Pool as the default mining pool.

After you have downloaded your chosen mining software, uncompress it, find the start. Replace username with your mining account name. Finally, save the start file and exit. Follow the path above to download Claymore mining software.

Select "Extract to the current folder" and find the "start. You can also choose one of these alternate ETH mining pool addresses:. Monitoring Miners and Viewing Earnings. Once the miner has been running for a bit and has submitted data to the mining pool, you'll be able to view the miner's operating status and profitability. To mine using Binance Pool, you can log in to the official Binance Pool website at pool.

You can check your earnings and miner status on your Dashboard and on the Miner Management page.The ultimate mining platform that allows users to setup, mine and control processes more efficiently and hustle-free across thousands of rigs all in one place. Everything you and your team need to keep your farm at its peak efficiency. A simple to install and set up tool.

Download and install our software and your farm infrastructure will automatically detect your mining rigs and add them to your management dashboard.

Monitor your rigs from a single dashboard. Keep track of hashrate, online statuses, GPU errors, team activity, pool configurations, power consumption. Remote access from anywhere across the globe.

Troubleshoot and reboot GPUs remotely or perform bulk updates across your entire farm. Switch pools, wallets and coins combinations on the fly with Flight Sheets. Create overclocking profiles for your GPUs and change miner configs across all your farm in seconds. Keep your team notified with our Smart Notifications.

Distribute specific tasks to each team member individually. Keep up with new features, mining tutorials, FAQ and other useful content in our base. Dive in the mining world. How it works. Start For Free. Deploy Now. Create Account. Get Started. Switch to Hive OS.NBMiner v The program for mining Bytom, Ethereum and Green on Nvidia video cards. First, consider the options for the fastest launch, and then move on to a detailed review of all the commands and features of this program.

For the quickest start, it will be enough:. You can run the program by double-clicking on the file with the desired coin and with the extension. Also, information on the cryptocurrency mining process can be viewed through the web interface.

If two commands are presented per line, then only one needs to be entered. The second is its synonym. Example: -h, —help are the same thing. Enter either -h or —help.

nicehash login failed

Recommended: 8 — 24, default If yes, then mining will continue, if not, the pause will be extended. A value of 0 means automatic adaptation. Default: 6. Warning: setting this option may lead to a decrease in mining performance. Default: If the program does not work stably or crashes, then you need to increase the virtual memory of the system:. We find the Virtual memory settings, click Change.

Specify the desired size in MB Example for 6 cards — Click on the Set button. Reboot the farm. The connection parameters to the pool are incorrectly specified in the username key pool login or wallet address.

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nicehash login failed

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