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Recipe for happiness poem

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Recipe for a Friendship: Poems and Inspiration for Friends

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Special Recipes and Poems

Bob 41 books view quotes. Mar 26, PM.Add to list. Recipe for a Happy Family Things you will need to get started: hearts over flowing with love lots of understanding and trust endless open communication and listening kisses and hugs strong shoulders a generous portion of laughter jokes and kidding around courage it's not for the faint of heart Mix together with a variety of colorful characters.

Stir in honesty and manners, kindness, caring, compassion and tenderness. Sift in tears of joy and sadness. Add quality time together this is a must - DO NOT Exclude this important ingredient make cherished memories that will last a life time. To achieve this Sprinkle with tickles, cuddles, butterfly kisses, Eskimo kisses, and stroking hair while reading stories together. Dancing around in PJ's to favorite songs.

Also include activities with other happy humans. This recipe is not fully tested, but so far so good. I hope you all have similar results They are all very much appericated. I'm glad you liked this write. Rose Of The Night - This was so beautiful. Something everyone needs. Tali28 - Azume- Thank you for your wonderful comments and for your applaud. They are very much appericated.

I love my family. I also love my AP Family and friends. I consider you one of my friends. If you would like, I would love for you to join my AP family. Please let me know if your interested.

Azume - Tali this is awesome! You really created a great write here! I love the format and form of the poem,it flows great! Tali28 - haider2- Thank you so much for reading my poem. I'm so glad you like thie piece. It really means a lot to me. I really appericate your kind words and applaud. Thanks again. Its a recipe we should all remember. It also hints at what a wonderful person you are. Tali28 - Nothing to say- Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and applaud.

They mean so much to me.Friendship poems and friendship quotes are a great way of letting your friends know how much you appreciate their loyal, supportive, never ending friendship. Include a friendship poem, friendship recipe, or friendship quote in an invitation to spend the day together visiting antique stores, getting pampered at a spa, play golf or tennis, taking in a movie together, or by just having a leisurely lunch or dinner at your house or a favorite restaurant.

If you are fortunate to have many friends, plan a pot luck picnic to be held at a park where there are several fun things that you can do together or bring some along. For younger friends, learn to make friendship bracelets together.

This is a great summer activity. Many of the summer camps teach this craft. National Friendship Day, proclaimed by U. Congress inis celebrated on the first Sunday in August. The official international Ambassador of Friendship Day is none other than that lovable friend to all, Winnie the Pooh.

Some of her closest friends will be sleeping over. When I told her Friendship Day is on that Sunday, she got very excited.

This year it is also Ice Cream Sandwich Day, too…dessert for her friends breakfast? At a retirement party, the retirees gave their friends candy bars with this friendship recipe on the wrapper they made from a template that can be easily modified for any occasion.

A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway. Fold two hands together, And express a dash of sorrow, Marinate it overnight, And work on it tomorrow. Chop one grudge in tiny pieces, Add several cups of love, Dredge with a large sized smile, And mix the ingredients above.

Dissolve the hate within you, By doing a very good deed, Dash in some help for any friend, If they should be in need. Stir in laughter, love and kindness, From the heart it has to come, Mix with genuine forgiveness, And give your neighbour some.

The amount of people you can serve, From the recipe above, Is in the quality of its ingredients, And unlimited amounts of love. Friendship Day can be any day you get together with your friends. Make this friendship bread for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any holiday — not just for Friendship Day.

It is very important to use plastic or wooden utensils and plastic or glass containers when making this. Do not use metal at all!Happiness Is a clean bill of health from the doctor, And the kids shouldn't move back home for more than a year, And not being audited, overdrawn, in Wilkes-Barre, in a lawsuit or in traction.

Happiness Is falling asleep without Valium, And having two breasts to put in my brassiere, And not yet needing to get my blood pressure lowered, my eyelids raised or a second opinion. And on Saturday nights When my husband and I have rented Something with Fred Astaire for the VCR, And we're sitting around in our robes discussing, The state of the world, back exercises, our Keoghs, And whether to fix the transmission or buy a new car, And we're eating a pint of rum-raisin ice cream on the grounds that Tomorrow we're starting a diet of fish, fruit and grain, And my dad's in Miami dating a very nice widow, And no one we love is in serious trouble or pain, And our bringing-up-baby days are far behind us, But our senior-citizen days have not begun, It's not what I called happiness When I was twenty-one, But it's turning out to be What happiness is.

When I was twenty-one, But it's turning out to be What happiness is. Happiness is what happens when love sings? Report Reply. Love it Report Reply. Great poem, love it! One of the best poems at this site.

recipe for happiness poem

You must be reader of good poetry. You create wonderful imagery. I am going to read your other poems. Happiness Reconsidered by Judith Viorst. That's a very nice poem. That woman can make you smile at the verities of life Happiness is silent, or speaks equivocally for friends, Grief is explicit and her song never ends, Happiness is like England, and will not state a case, Grief, like Guilt, rushes in and talks apace.

A man and a woman lie on a white bed. It is morning. I think Soon they will waken. On the bedside table is a vase of lilies; sunlight pools in their throats. I watch him turn to her as though to speak her name but silently, deep in her mouth-- At the window ledge, once, twice, a bird calls. And then she stirs; her body fills with his breath. I open my eyes; you are watching me. Almost over this room the sun is gliding. Look at your face, you say, holding your own close to me to make a mirror.

How calm you are. And the burning wheel passes gently over us. Happiness perhaps once had features Of a single, compact whole, But countless are the craving creatures Praying God some bliss to dole. He therefore must have sadly shattered Happiness into many a bit And had the pieces widely scattered To give all eyes a glimpse of it.

So, those who wish to own a share Should not think it strain or stress To search around, with utmost care, Some dazzling fragments to possess. A particle here, a particle there, To your happy lot may fall; Not any time, not anywhere, can you ever find them all. However long, however far- Spreading your quest may be, Too many are, too tiny are The splinters all for you to see.Read the current Thought For The Day.

Inspirational Words of Wisdom. Popular Pages Home. Some people say they will be truly happy when they finally retire, or if they were to win the lottery, or if they finally get that promotion they have been working towards for years. Others believe that happiness comes by way of others. In these cases, they look at other people's lives as if they are invested in them, or they depend on others to lift their spirits or to make then laugh. This is not a recipe for happiness. Happiness is dependent, instead, on how you view life and everything about it.

There is no doubt that life can be brutally harsh with disappointments, upheavals, or open to ridicule or loss of a loved one. This is life. But, happiness is more about where you are right now this very instant. It isn't about tomorrow and it certainly isn't about yesterday. Happiness - It Is About It is about today and what you make of it. It is about using your own personality to offer your friendship or affection to another. It is about laughing out loud throughout the day.

It is about appreciating the fact that you live in a country where your personal freedom is secure. It is about being able to go where you want without limitations or fear of persecution or arrest. It is about seeing a little child that goes by with his or her mother. It is about taking a walk in a park where the sun shines and the kids laugh and play.

Not A Mystery To be happy isn't a mystery unless of course you are not in charge of your own life. If you live a life under the influence or control of others and cannot believe or act, or behave as you want, you are not going to be happy. To be happy also means that you have a choice - a choice to be happy, to laugh, to appreciate what you have where you are right now. No Secret Recipe There is no secret recipe to happiness. It is not something you can find some place else, or in a different city, or country or job.

It is something you have right now - look around and see it. Through the course of my lifetime, I have had many conversations with thousands of people and usually, sooner or later, the issue of happiness comes into play in one form or another. You usually do not have to ask people if they are happy for it usually appears in both what is said or the questions asked. Some of these statements indicate that the person really is confused about what constitutes happiness where their life is one constant struggle to find the perfect situation or definition.Add to list.

The Recipe for Happiness To make some happiness, First clear up your head, And follow this recipe, Keeping it step by step.

recipe for happiness poem

Then dip some wishful thinking, In a mix of soul, and wait. Afterwards pre-heat the oven, By warming up your heart. Then peel all the evil away, From the core of your mind. Once your heart is set, Sprinkle love on all else, And place it into oven, While continuing steps. And every now and then, When the oven starts feeling cold, Keep adding some fuel, In the sure form of love. And once it's almost done, Before you get to serve, Prepare a side of courage, And mix it with care.

And once it is done, Comes the most dangerous step, You need another heart, And mix its love with the rest. Now your dish is set. Please enjoy it well. And never forget this recipe, To always find happiness in yourself. Written by Damian Naranjo Arimanthos. A poem that came from my thoughts on what makes happiness on an immediate everyday life.

Likes: Daniella Lay To reply, click a comment. Isa Augustine - i could not hep but smile when reading this congrats on the gold ma friend this deserved gold haha. DinkyDiver86 - I absolutely love this! I done one similar actually to something rude I love the rhyme, flow and how this came from the heart!

Mohammad Ali's Life Recipe - How he wanted to be remembered

Absolutely breath taking to read!! Arimanthos - Thank you for your kind words. I will certainly Continue to write in hopes people will continue to enjoy my writing.

recipe for happiness poem

I met her on September 5. Build on child. Here I stand again. I warned you this would happen. I'm still here, you know Inbox x.Next Poem. Dear IIona M. Blake: Thank you for such a treasure. My husband and I appreciate your words of wisdom. Many blessings in return to you. Blake more by Ilona M. Today will be perfect In every single way. A beautiful fairy tale For your wedding day. The theme of your day Is to have love and laughter And to live your days Happily ever after.

Living happily is What we need to survive, So how does one keep The magic alive? How do you light a spark That never goes out? And how does one live a life Without fear or doubt? How do some people manage To keep their love strong? And how do some couples Always feel like they belong? What do you need to do To stay in love forever And make each day special And grow fonder together? Well, these very questions You must address every day. You must take the time To go out of your way, To always share love And always share laughter, To do whatever it takes To live happily ever after.

Here is a recipe I think is a must, So let's begin with Always having trust. Don't forget it's important To have total respect, And to always stay loyal To keep your love perfect.

Family Cake

You must communicate Each and every day. Three special little words You must never forget to say, "I love you. A simple act of kindness Goes a long, long way. Blend it with understanding And you can't go astray. Don't forget friendship. It will help you to cope. Add a sprinkle of faith And an abundance of hope. Remember your smile.


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